Google bastelt künstliche Intelligenz

Als ich das lesen musste hab ich sofort an Matrix gedacht und an das Ende der Erde. Also stellt euch schonmal darauf ein unter der Erde leben zu dürfen, da wir bald die Sonne verdunkeln müssen, da der „googlebot“ uns sonst alle töten würde.
Also ich habe wirklich nen bisschen Angst bekommen als ich das lesen musste und ich hoffe, dass sie das nie schaffen werden. Also drückt Friedrich die Daumen, dass er es eher schafft die Weltherrschaft an sich zu reißen und Google aufhält den ultimativen Super Bot zu bauen!

Hier der englische Originaltext:

In a speech Friday night to the Annual American Association for the Advancement of Science conference, Google co-founder Larry Page let slip with a truth we all suspected:

“We have some people at Google [who] are really trying to build artificial intelligence (AI) and to do it on a large scale…It’s not as far off as people think.”

Yep, you read that right, Google is trying to build real AI. The worlds most dominant online company, with the largest conglomeration of computing power the world has ever seen, is trying to build artificial intelligence, and according to Page it isn’t that far away either. The term Googlebot is about to take on a whole new meaning, and in the not to distant future as well.

But Google is a good company, you may well say, after all Do No Evil is the company mantra. But true artificial intelligence not only has serious ethical and moral implications, self aware intelligence may also not be controllable, after all it thinks for itself and makes decisions based on that reasoning, as we all do. What if Google creates AI with the logical reasoning of Hitler or Stalin? or even George W Bush?

von: 901am